Making mobility viable and profitable.

Companies of all sizes - from startups to multinational corporations - use Lula's software and insurance offerings to reduce their costs, increase their efficiency, and improve their customer experience.
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Insurance, reimagined for the 21st century.

The insurance industry is antiquated. It’s too expensive, time-consuming, and working with insurance brokers is, well, broken. We are bringing insurance into the 21st century, making it accessible to everyone at an affordable price.

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Getting insurance coverage for your company can take months, or even years. With Lula, you can get it in minutes. Additionally, by eliminating middlemen, premiums, and the need to build internal insurance departments, we can reduce your costs by more than 50%.
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No middlemen. No premiums.
No internal insurance teams.

Get industry standard coverage within minutes from our partners, allow us to handle your policy distribution, get access to the most advanced risk assessment tools available today, and have our partners handle your claims.

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The team behind the wheel

Michael and Matthew Vega-Sanz founded Lula, with a mission to make the access to affordable, convenient, and sustainable mobility available to all. Lula began as a peer-to-peer car sharing platform for college students, and within days of launching, became a Top 100 app on the App Store. Within twelve months, Lula had vehicles available on more than 500 college campuses in all 50 states. It was here that the Lula team came to learn just how complex, antiquated, and expensive insurance could be. They decided to change that, with Lula 2.0

The team behind the wheel

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A few more facts about us 🍰

Today, Lula's Team can be found scattered around the United States with its headquarters located in South Miami, Florida. We enjoy cake, building kick-ass products, helping our customers, breaking rules, being called crazy, and more cake.


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